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Boost Confidence
Feel Stronger
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in almost no time.


Do you keep running out of motivation? Looking for nutritional guidance? Need a boost of confidence or more self-esteem? Want to feel stronger? Looking to lose weight or gain lean muscle? If yes, then you are at the right place.

I, Johnathan Abbott, will bring you a new fresh twist to physique regime straight from over 15 years of experience in the field of:

  • weight loss

  • strength training

  • athleticism

  • nutritional guidance and support

  • sports specific training

  • endurance

  • mindset

  • and much more.


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Some of the Key Programs


Hands Down


Hands Down

The class is broken down to 3 main elements of the handstand, skill, strength and technical. Everyone can learn to handstand with the right structure suited for you, the possibilities are limitless



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Mint Mom


Calisthenics and Core

Calisthenics is a bodyweight training style easily performed with little to no equipment. Movements through calisthenics will create the ultimate foundation of functionality and bodyweight strength. 



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One on One Specialized Coaching


One on One Coaching

This type of training is ideal for individuals wanting change to improve your health and longevity, gain lean muscle, get stronger or to train for a specific sport. 




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Mini Mints #1

November 5, 2019


Cultivating a strong mind can become one of your most powerful choices in your journey to achieve a better future, both personally and professionally. There are some incredible tools that you can add to your daily routine to kick start this decision in the right direction. They are simple and they take very little time out of your day to complete. Read more >>

Mini Mints #2

October 29, 2019


The absolute best way to begin your fitness journey is by starting ;) Ok I know everyone knows that but what I feel everyone is missing (seem my comments) is a strong foundational base before diving into the heavy weights with bad form. Read more >>


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