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Personal Training

To be Mint is to be the best version of yourself.


With individualized training, you will be capable; you will be confident; you will be Mint.


This type of training is ideal for individuals wanting change- to improve your health and longevity, gain lean muscle, get stronger or to train for a specific sport. With this specialized approach, clients will have a customized program, including nutrition, based on your personal goals. Through ongoing assessments, you will learn proper form and improve range of motion and mobility.


Making changes can be difficult but with the right help, you can achieve your goals up to 60% faster.

 From $50/hr taxes included

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Personal Training



Partner and Semi-Private Training

Partner Training

If one-on-one training feels daunting, having a friend with you can help motivate you to reach similar goals. This type of training is very fun and interactive that includes a friendly competitiveness to bring out the best in you.

$45/hr per person

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Much like the partner training, this is designed for small groups of 3-4 people.

$40/hr per person

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Calisthenics and Core

The first class of its kind in Kitchener-Waterloo!  Calisthenics is a bodyweight training style easily performed with little to no equipment. Movements through calisthenics will create the ultimate foundation of functionality and bodyweight strength.


Using every muscle in your body, you will learn to master movements such as the L-sit, push-ups, pull-ups and a vast variety of core exercises developing the best fitness level you can imagine. Take your new-found knowledge on the go or anywhere you'd like: the privacy of your own home, a gorgeous beach, quiet hotel, green park or backyard...


Join the growing trend of these incredible movements and learn everything you need to know to BE MINT!

$139.00/month unlimited

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Mint Mom



Online Coaching

Online Coaching

This training method is effective for individuals who are gym-goers and need guidance reaching their goals.  Mint Conditioning can help you eliminate the uncertainty and push through the common "training plateau."  Online coaching is a thorough and complete package including:

  • nutritional coaching

  • custom programming

  • weekly updates

  • tracking & accountability

  • unlimited questions answered

  • exercise explanations and video analysis


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Group Training

"Boot Camps"


This is "me-time" where you can meet people with similar goals and find support in a like-minded community.   In a boot camp style class, the group will be guided to push their limits to improve cardio and endurance.  Hard work and nutritional information will help you lose fat, improve strength and develop your overall confidence.

$99.00/month unlimited

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Group Training



Athletic Training


Congratulate your core progress with these short intense 30 minute midsection classes.

$70.00/month unlimited

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KW Calisthenics


This is not your typical fitness class. Calisthenics utilizes your bodyweight to increase performance and build strength. It teaches you how to control your body more effectively, move efficiently and be more energetic with your everyday functioning. Don’t just improve your daily actions, take action now and join our calisthenics community!


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Calisthenics Training